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Access Control for Garages in Neighbourhood Associations

Access Control for garages and storage spaces in neighbourhood associations is a security system capable of managing the access permits for vehicles and/or individuals through a single passage point. The system administrator can set the parameters of who can enter, as well as when and where they can enter, in order to increase security, thereby reducing costs and problematic issues. This is always done in an agile and flexible manner. The vehicle and/or pedestrian access control system identifies each user, ensuring that only the vehicles and/or individuals from the neighbourhood association (authorised residents) are those who really have access to the building.

In the event an access credential is lost, stolen, or renounced, each modification in the users/residents of the homes will revoke their right to access in real time without restricting the rights of the other users. This prevents expensive key and lock changes, in real time, with no delays and ensuring protection against external attacks or possible attempts to sabotage the system from the Internet.

Our clients' experience (more than 1,000 Homeowner Associations throughout Spain) shows that potential criminals choose to attack areas that are not equipped with security systems, whether single-family homes or neighbourhood associations. Both the installation of security cameras as well as access control systems for vehicles and/or pedestrians deter criminals in 90% of cases, preventing robberies and acts of vandalism from occurring inside the buildings belonging to the neighbourhood associations, as well as in the common areas inside the buildings.

Maintaining a suitable level of security for homeowner associations is highly complex when we wish to respect the movement of residents within the building. Access control systems for garages (vehicles and individuals) can help make it easier for regular residents and/or frequent outside users (i.e. maintenance staff) to move within the building as well as the parking and pedestrian access points, hallways, technical areas, storage rooms and communal areas, or in the lifts, pools, gyms and so on.

The pedestrian access control systems for Neighbourhood Associations can be integrated not only in the access points to common areas but also in each home so that it is possible to use a single device (remote control, access card, smartphone...) to access both the building's communal areas (garages and storage rooms, among others) as well as individual homes. This provides the added benefits of usability and security.

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What happens when we lose the key belonging to someone in the Association?
What happens when we rent a flat or parking space and the other person doesn't return the keys or has made multiple copies?
What happens if we have an incident with a lock on any of these doors?

In all these cases, we lose control over the access to the area with it we lose security in the neighbourhood association. What's more, we even lose security in our own home. These are the most common errors that have caused forced home robberies to grow year after year in Spain.

The locksmith union has stated that a lock that hits the market has a secure life span of at most 6 years. That means that “unsavoury characters” have information and training to force and/or open any lock after this time has passed. Everything we value most, our cars, motorcycles, belongings in our storage facilities, souvenirs and our home, and therefore the physical integrity of our loved ones, are exposed behind half-open doors.

The most common security weak spot is the door of the communal parking area or garage. This is an example that we have found on a locksmith's website:

“We can copy more than 90% of the remote controls for garages, parking areas and alarms on the market in our establishment, both those with a fixed code and those with changing codes. We can supply both the original remote as well as a compatible copy. We have a wide variety of long distance remote controls from the most prestigious brands on the market. They all comply with European regulations".

This obvious and frequently-used competitive advantage puts the legitimate residents of the neighbourhood association at a clear disadvantage. This can lead to a lack of security in the parking area, storage spaces or gates. Anyone can rent a parking spot in a garage for two months and copy the remote and thieves will then have direct access to the parking area whenever they want with total impunity. They can enter and scope out the luxury cars for instance, which are then robbed by organised gangs. They can also keep tabs on individuals as they enter and leave home, learn the location of storage units, and so on.

We protect the parking access points with security cameras but we do not know if the person entering with a key and acting normally is really an owner or resident or just someone who has a key but shouldn't. If a homeowner association wants to have truly secure access points to the garage they should reinforce the security camera system by implementing mechanisms in the access doors that are only responsive to an access credential that identifies a truly authorised user, ones that save the date and time of access and leave a record in the event of forced entry. These mechanisms also need to be able to deny or allow access, send an alarm signal to the video surveillance camera system and activate the recording or send a warning to an alarm centre. Only then can we consider the access to the buildings in the homeowner association secure.

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The Access Control card readers for Neighbourhood Associations work with proximity cards, remote controls and mobile phones among other devices. These devices always use encrypted and changing codes, offering a high level of security. These high-security smart cards offer contactless activation for the vehicle access control system, which enables the cards to be read at a distance. This prevents wear and tear on the card due to contact with the reader, thereby guaranteeing long-term durability and effectiveness. Each card has its own unique code that identifies each individual user.



We strongly recommend contracting a maintenance service for the access control installations in neighbourhood associations and garages. We recommend this given the condition of elements that are first priority in a Security System, and in order to guarantee security in your data, confidentiality and privacy, preventing unauthorised changes, losses and processing or access, as prescribed by the Organic Law on Data Protection, as well as to avoid future problems due to staff changes which cause new formations, errors in the handling made by staff that could incorrectly configure the programmed options and for the management of registration and removal of the devices.



The new Ministerial Orders of the Ministry of the Interior, which follow the framework of the Private Security Act INT-316-2011, in force as of 18 August 2012, inform us that access control systems must be designed according to the UNE-EN 50133-2-1 standard, which identifies and regulates these types of systems as Security Systems, making it possible to connect them to an Alarm Centre. Companies which install and maintain these connected access control systems should be security companies certified by the Directorate General of Police.