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Security Company Officially Approved in Madrid

SECURITY is one of the cornerstones of the “welfare state”, being a basic human necessity. At Prevent Security Systems, a Security Company Officially Approved by the Ministry of the Interior with headquarters in Madrid and coverage throughout all of Spain, we view security as a RIGHT, not as an indulgence, a luxury or a privilege. This is why we work to make security available to all citizens, regardless of their purchasing power or social status, by developing tailor-made security solutions (Full HD Security Cameras, Access Control, Anti-Intrusion Systems, Video Analysis, Thermal Cameras, etc.), adapted to each client’s needs.

We care for each and every one of our clients, with no exceptions, with a firm commitment to quality, continuous improvement and service as elements that set us apart from the competition.

We trust in long-term relationships and our responsibility for the client goes beyond the boundaries of a simple security installation, forging our bonds with comprehensive consulting, both on a technical and a legal level, with no expiration date.

We offer guidelines on how to act if an incident occurs as well as complete and continuous training and attention in order to avoid possible deviations with security systems and their legal adaptation. We also monitor our systems through a secure communications network (VPN), making it possible to detect faults and sabotage in remote and in real time.

More than 17 years of experience as professionals in comprehensive security solutions are proof of our commitment to innovation and being customer-oriented.

We provide extensive and proven experience as a Security Company Officially Approved by the Directorate General of the Police with no. 3182, in the resolution of different problems facing the Communities of Property Owners in buildings, housing estates and garages.

Prevent, Officially Approved Security Company with headquarters in Madrid but with coverage of services throughout all of Spain, has the ISO 9001:2015 certification in the installation and maintenance of equipment, devices and security systems. This seal of quality confirms the company’s good practices and recognises the maturity and efficiency of its Quality Management System, while also affirming its serious commitment to continuous improvement.

We want satisfied clients who work with us and are convinced of the quality of the service that we offer. The transparency and honesty of their management are guaranteed by the company’s voluntary submission to the consumer arbitration system.

Arbitration is a system for the resolution of controversies between individuals, professionals and companies (under Law 60/2003 of Arbitration) and whose implementation prevents going to court, reducing the high costs of the ordinary courts and speeding conflict resolution.

Our proposals are based on complete and personalised consulting which includes:
  • Preliminary study of the physical space to be protected.
  • Installation of the necessary security systems.
  • Recommendations on how to act in the event of an incident.
  • Continuous training to correct possible deviations.
  • Complete adaptation to the Security and Data Protection Regulations.


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Our mission is to offer the user a tangible and emotional security experience that motivates them to choose us.


We aspire to set ourselves apart as a humane and ethical company, aimed at creating value for the end user, turning suppliers into partners and inspiring our employees to be proud to belong to the company.


“When they are aligned by shared values and united in one common objective, ordinary people achieve extraordinary results”.

Our values mark the beginning, middle and end of our activities. These are the shared values that define our staff:

Customer- and result- oriented, in order to meet their security needs in a profitable manner and to ensure medium and long-term sustainability.
Commitment, we are committed to behaving with RESPECT, to being HONEST and ETHICAL, to building trust with the client, our suppliers and our employees, because maintaining trust is more important than gaining it.


Expertos en seguridad para comunidades de vecinos
Security Experts for Neighborhood Associations


logo cuerpo nacional de policía

Security Company Certified by the Directorate General of the Police No. 3182

Prevent Security Systems is a Private Security company that works with certification number 3182 in the Directorate General of the Police.

logo CAFMadrid


Collaborations with Professional Associations

Since 2006, our Security Company has collaborated with Professional Building Administrators Association such as the CAF Madrid, COAGA and the General Council of Spanish Building Administrators.

Calidad Certificada ISO 9001:2000

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Quality

This Certification for the installation and maintenance of security equipment, devices and systems verifies our company's good practices and recognises the implementation and efficacy of our Quality Management System, while at the same time confirming our commitment to continuous improvement.

Expertos en L.O.P.D. y RGPD

Experts in the Spanish Organic Law on Personal Data Protection and the GDPR.

Our specialists in the Spanish Organic Law on Personal Data Protection and the GDPR offer personalised advice to Building Administrators and Presidents of Neighbourhood Associations, as well as recommendations and suggestions to correctly comply with Data Protection in video surveillance

eade arbitraje de consumo

We voluntarily submit to the Arbitration System

We want to ensure transparency in our management policies, therefore, our company is publicly submitted to the arbitration system of the National Consumer Institute, as well as the European Association of Arbitration (A.E.A.D.E.).


Security Company registered in the Registry of Accredited Companies (R.E.A.).

Registry in the R.E.A. (Registry of Accredited Companies), verifies that Prevent complies with the labour risk prevention capacity and quality requirements in accordance with the provisions set forth in Royal Decree 1109/2007, of 24 August.

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